Office of Academic Enrichment Undergraduate Fellowship Office
Ohio State students

Major Fellowships

Below is a list of the major awards the Undergraduate Fellowship Office coordinates.

Please note that the chart lists the year an application is submitted; students will often need to begin working on the application 3-6 months prior to this deadline. Also note that the year of application is often determined by time left until graduation. If you have any questions, contact our office.

Awards that require Ohio State nomination

​​Name​​FieldYear of ApplicationOhio State Deadline
​Astronaut​​Science, Engineering, Math​​Sophomore or Junior​February 2025
Bei​​​necke​Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences​JuniorFebruary 2025
​Carnegie - Gaither​Various fields related to Carnegie projects in Peace Studies​Senior or Recent Graduate​November 2024
Chur​chill​Science, Engineering, Math​Senior or Recent GraduateSeptember 1, 2024
​Fulbrig​​​ht​​​All fields​Senior or Recent GraduateAugust 13, 2024
Goldwater​Science, Engineering, Math​Sophomore or JuniorNovember 2024
​Knight-Hennessy​​Any​Senior or Recent GraduateAugust 2024
Marshall​All fields​Junior, Senior, or Recent GraduateAugust 2024
MitchellAll fields​Junior, Senior, or Recent GraduateNational competition on pause for 24-25
​Rhodes​All fields​​Junior, Senior, or Recent Graduate​August 2024
​Truman​Public service careers​Junior​November 2024
Udall​Careers related to the environment, tribal policy, or tribal health care​Sophomore or JuniorJanuary 2025


Awards that require Ohio State nomination, managed by other offices on campus

​​Name​​FieldYear of ApplicationOhio State Deadline
​Boren​All fields​AnyFall 2023
Gilman​All fields​AnyMarch 2024 for Summer/Fall programs


Awards that do not require Ohio State nomination but that UFO frequently offers assistance

Name​Field​Year of Application​National Deadline
​Critical Language​All fields​AnyNovember 2024
DAAD-RiseScience, Technology, Engineering, MathSophomore, JuniorDecember 2024
Gates Cambridge​All fields​Senior or Recent GraduateFall 2024
LuceAll fieldsSenior, Recent Graduates, Young ProfessionalsOctober 2024
​NSF​Science, Engineering, Math, Social Sciences​Senior or Recent GraduateOctober 2024
NSF REUScience, Technology, Engineering, MathFreshman, Sophomore, JuniorVaries depending on award
Schwarzman​​​​All fields​Senior or Recent Graduate​September 2024
​Tillman​​All fields​AnyFebruary 1, 2025
UKSIAll fieldsFreshman, SophomoreFebruary 2025
YenchingHumanities and Social SciencesSenior or Recent GraduateNovember 2024

Many other national award opportunities are available. Visit the additional opportunities page for more details.